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Getting fit with a baby!!

No fitness equipment or gym membership? No problem.

Now that Canadian Thanksgiving is done and Halloween is right around the corner.

Why not get fit with a pumpkin


Here are a few quick exercises for this coming Thanksgiving to help not put on the “turkey” weight




How does eating a chocolate bar while trying to lose fat sound?

Guilt free eating!!




Does Kevin Smith (Director/Actor from Mall Rats, Clerks and Jay & Silent Bob) who lost fat because he had a heart attack and was living a unhealthy lifestyle success because he is rich and has the money to do so?

Here are my thoughts.

NHL & NBA playoffs, which means EATING!! A quick video on how to ovoid overeating.

Q & A from Facebook and Instagram 2018 edition

Shana Tova ( A good and sweat year)

Going out for a hike or just a long day trip? fuel up on this healthy snack.

Home made Trail mix.

On March 7, 2017, I was given the chance to speak to local women in the Markham area about women on weights. My goal was to show them that building muscle and using weights isn’t a bad thing. We shared many laughs and great disccuions about different topics. Here is a quick recap video of the night.

What’s in my gym bag?

2 partner based exercises that will get the heart pumping.

My presentation to the BPA of Aurora. This talk was about who Get Fit With Dave is and the benefits of hiring a Personal Trainer/


Getting back into the exercise routine after the holidays. My second time being on Rogers TV York Region.

http://rogerstv.com/media?lid=237&rid=17&gid=268640    CLICK ME!

Here are ways to cut calories to help you reach your fitness goals!

Happy Holidays 2016

November Social media Q & A

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving 2016!!!

Happy Rosh Hashanah 2016!

15 stretches you should be doing.

No gym membership, no exercise equipment? No problem.

Part 2 of getting fit at home

Home made Sheppards Pie!

On Jun 23 2016, I was lucky enough to do a segment for York Region Roger tv. I talked about going back to basics when trying to stay fit for the summer.

Source: Get Fit with Dave – Richmond Hill   – CLICK ME!

Canada Day work out @ Home 2016

Exercises that you can do from the comfort of your own home with no equipment

Facebook Questions answered – May 2016

How to avoid the Passover weight gain.

How to make easy and healthy stuffed peppers

25 Core exercises you can do anywhere

December Handstand Challenge

Christmas 2015!



Happy Anniversary!!

Make your own Banana and Strawberry frozen treat

Some new healthy choices to bbq on Canada day

Shape your glutes with these exercises

Different ab exercises

A healthy protein shake recipe

A few different swiss ball workouts that you can try

How to fight off weight gain during the holiday season

Introduction to skipping

Introduction to push ups

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