Do you have the extra bit of “winter fat” still hanging around?

I have put together some key points to help you jumpstart the process of getting rid of that unwanted winter fat.

Eat more fruits & veggies – During the spring and summer time, the best and most fresh fruits become available at a good rate. Take advantage of the nutrition’s these bring by adding them to your water for flavour, or making fruit/veggie smoothies.

Eating smaller portions – When having meals, take what you need and try not to overeat. The plate shouldn’t be filled with food. After you have finished, wait 1-3 minutes and if you are still hungry, add a small amount of food back onto your plate.

Aim for 30 minutes of continues exercise – The average person isn’t getting enough physical activity in their lives. Most reasons for not doing so are lack of time and not having the energy. Not only will you hit the recommended dose of exercise, you will notice youth energy levels will increase.

Eat out less – Did you know that even the “healthy” menu items at some of the restaurants have just as much fat and sodium in them as the “non healthy items”.  “The average Canadian eats about 3400 mg of sodium each day. This is more than double the amount needed”*.  Try putting your own spin on some of your favorite dishes when home cooking.

Ask for help – We all know someone in the health & wellness industry, and most of who are always there to answer a question. Some questions that may come up have to do with exercises, nutrition and even myth busting.

Watch the Snacking – This can be the biggest key to losing the extra winter weight. Snacking is the reason why people gain unwanted weight. People snack when they are bored or while watching TV. When you snack you lose track of how much your are consuming. Some of the most popular snacks are chips, cookies and cake. Opt for veggies & dip, fruits or a handful of nuts.

Write down your goals – Be detailed. When you have it in written down and have it in plain sight, you are more then likely so keep on track.

Keep a food journal – Much like writing down your goals, you will start seeing some of the foods you consume and the affect they have on your body. Using web tools such as Myfitnesspal or a calorie counter can help you choose your foods wisely.  A great think of these tools are they show you how many calories, grams of fat, sugar and sodium content.

Do it with a partner– The success is greater if you do it with someone, not only is it less boring, but it also keeps you both motivated to keep going.

Go for walks/Bike rides – The weather is finally nice, GO OUTSIDE

Change up the routine – As motioned in a past blog, your muscles remembers which exercise you do and how much weight you push and the amount of reps you do. Change up the work out by adding tension, reps, and tempo change and body part days.

Don’t Get Upset if you have a bad meal – We all do it and there is no point in dwelling. Have your meal and then work harder the next day. As the saying goes “ we only live once, now let’s enjoy ourselves”


I hope I have given you some helpful tips to shed some of that winter weight off.