my heart goes out to Rich Peverly of the Dallas Stars, who tonight collapsed on their team’s bench after a shift. The team says the knew of an existing heart condition.

Personally I have WPW ( Wolfe Parkinson White Syndrome ) which is a rapid heart beat, much like what Jonas Gustafson ( old leafs goalie ) had.

I was lucky to find that I had this early, it was a normal routine check up to go backon working on the cruise ships, we always need a medical, and when I did an EKG it came back abnormal. At this point I had only ran a number of marathons. My heart doctor advised me that if I wasn’t careful I could be that one person who collapses near the end of the run. Thanks to him, I have stopped running them.

It is never a bad thing to make sure you get your heart checked. As I always say, a 6 pack abs is no good if the 2 most important parts of your body don’t work (head, and heart)