Are you a Starbucks lover??

Did you know that some of your favourite drinks are a calorie punch?

I have done the research to show you which drink have the most calories and then provided ways in which to cut some calories while ordering these drinks.

Nonfat caffe Mocha (no whip) – 170 cals
Coffee Frappuccino (blended coffee) – 180 cals
Caffee Mocha (without whipped cream) – Venti 2% milk – 340 cals
Cappuccino – Venti – 2% milk – 150 cals
Skinny Latte – Venti nonfat milk – 160 cals
White Hot Chocolate (without whipped cream) – Venti 2% milk – 380 cals
Caramel Apple Spice (without whipped cream) – Venti 360 cals
Tazo Chai Tea Latte – Venti 2% milk – 310 cals
Tazo Green Tea Latte – Venti 2% milk – 450 cals
Frappuccino Blended Coffee – Venti Whole milk – 350 cals
Mocha (without whipped Cream) – Venti Whole milk – 390 cals
Caramel (without Whipped Cream) – Venti whole milk – 370 cals


As you will see, some of these drinks can really hinder one`s ability to lose fat if these drinks are consumed more than once a week.

The drinks I chose were based on the Venti size and using all 2% milk. To cut calories on these drinks, try opting for non-fat milk or Soy milk, or even dropping the size from the Venti to the Tall. Not only will you be saving calories on these drinks, you will be saving some hard earned cash.

Tim Hortons


Drink Calories
Hot Chocolate 240
French Vanilla Cappuccino 250
Iced Cappuccino (cream) 250
Iced Cappuccino (milk) 250
Flavored Latte Supreme 180
Mocha Latte 190
Mocha Iced Latte 180
Flavored Iced Latte Supreme 170


Much like Starbucks, most of the high calorie drinks are often the ones that are Large and usually with the extra milk or cream.

By getting a small size, you are cutting the calories in half

Second Cup


Drink 20 oz calories 8 oz calories
White Hot Chocolate 490 230
Classic Hot Chocolate 490 190
Vanilla Bean Hot Chocolate 490 190
Sweet Apple Cider 290 120
London Fog 370 210
Chai Latte 520 290
Matcha Green Tea Latte 390 10 oz 240 cals
Green Tea Latte 380 12 oz 230 cals
Vanilla Bean Latte 370 12 oz 210n cals
Caramel Corretto 490 12 oz 250 cals
White Mocha 440 12 oz 90 cals
Iced Cafe Latte 24 oz 220 cals 12 oz 90 cals
Iced Moccaccino  24 oz 380 cals 12 oz 150 cals


With Second Cup, the biggest calories happen when the drink sizes are over 20 oz. Opt for the smaller size and if you need milk or cream, stick with the 1% or skimmed milk.


Not only do these drinks have enough calories to hurt one’s fitness goals, it has just as much sugar as a can of pop. Try limiting these drinks to once a week as a treat.