Good afternoon,

As I am sitting here doing some readings, I look outside and it is snowy and cold in Toronto…again! On days like these, we often opt to stay inside to hibernate and eat whatever junk we have in our homes.

This is a small list of unhealthy foods we often consume and the extra calories attached with each item. Beside it, I’ve included the exercise that it will take to burn off those foods.

Before we dive into this, I would like to make it clear: I am not fat shaming nor am I saying you cannot eat these foods. This article is just a friendly reminder that snacking has a high caloric punch that can hurt one’s ability to lose or maintain weight loss.

I am a huge believer in portion control and moderation. If you decide to eat something that is higher in calories, then make sure your next meals aren’t high fatty choices. We only live once and we are allowed to enjoy food, but have a plan and try to stick by it.

An example is when I was younger and trying to lean out.  I would cut up a Snickers bar into four pieces, and each day I ate one piece. By doing that, I gave into my temptations for sugar, yet allowed it to be small enough as to not hurt my gains.  Well, aren’t I so clever?




Food Calories Exercise
Kit Kat 221cals Badminton for 30 minutes
Pizza Pizza-Pepperoni (1 slice) 295cals Bicycling 13 mph for 30 minutes
Tim’s Cheddar cheese bagel with NO butter 220cals Cross Country skiing Leisurely – 30 minutes 
Mcd’s large french fries 500cals Running 10 mph – 30 minutes
Subway 6″ NOT footlong Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt 500cals 30 minutes of swimming 
Starbucks’s Raspberry Scone 480cals squash 30 minutes
Mr. Greek Original Gyro 6 oz  620cals A game of soccer – Intense
Swiss Chalet Full BBQ side ribs with smoky BBQ sauce 1,300cals 45 minutes of intense game of tennis
Costco Hot dog 560cals 60 minutes of step class


I hope this list is somewhat helpful.