The Best Complement Ever!

The best compliment ever.

This is a story that even if I wanted to, I couldn’t make up.

I have been training a client for just over one year. I was approached by his wife to help him correct is hunch back and give him a boost in overall health.

This client hardly misses a session, always comes on time, and never tries to negotiate the price of seeing me two times per week.

This client is very polite and after a few weeks, I got him to use some of his anger out on our work outs (medicine ball throws, bench press, boxing ).

After three months, he came to me and said he had lost about 7 pounds of fat, gained some muscle and lost a few inches off of his waist. He seemed very happy, as well as his doctor (who had told him his heart rate had dropped and overall health is improving).

This is where the point of the story comes in.

His wife approached me last week and asked if she could speak with me privately. Of couse, the first thing I thought of was, WHAT DID I DO?

She said to me, “Dave, I cannot believe how good of a job you are doing with my husband. He is no longer hunched back, has lost weight, his appetite has gotten better and overall, he has more energy and seems very happy”. She goes on to tell me that he would change his schedule around to make sure that he can make our sessions and doesn’t dread our work outs one bit. She said he loves my crazy stories and the attention to detail that I give him. The best part of the story is when she told me how when he visits family, they all give him compliments. I told her that he has never once told me this, and she said very quickly that he is very humble and would rather not say. The last point she said really touched my heart.

“You know, Dave, you have gotten him to run (he is a walker with the Walking Room), do burpees, jump rope, box, do kettle bells swings and squats on the smith machine. I don’t even know what a smith machine is, but it sounds fancy. You have no idea what joy you have brought him, and the rest of this family. I hope you know that”.

For the rest of the day, I had a smile on my face that could brighten the cloudiest day. My whole purpose of training is to help people feel and look better. It’s not a quick fix because of a wedding or vacation, but it’s my passion for a healthy lifestyle that I like to pass on.